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About the Scholarship

The Bill Macri Memorial Scholarship ($1000) was created by the family and EWEMS to promote, and continue the spirit and privilege of service to the community Bill represented in his role as an emergency responded. Its purpose is to assist financially an individual in need who is currently enrolled in the paramedic program with a shared passion for service excellence, continuous learning and develpment of self. Applicants must have the intention to pursue employment as a paramedic upon successful completion of the program.

Applicants will attach a 200 to 300 word minimum essay including their personal profile and their circumstance of need as well as a description of an individual or event or concept which leant to their pursuit of a career as a paramedic.

Scholarship recipients​​​​

-Apllications for our 2022 Scholarship are now open-


2014 Jason Chaif

2015 Matthew Renaud

2016 Cassie Morrow

2017 Jeff Kreffer

2018 Bilal Houssami 

2019 Taylor Blakney

2020 Brittney Korman

2021 Aaron Mackenzie

2022 Keyona Atkins